Monday, 30 May 2011

Animating Food

Spent another while hunting round youtube looking for food fights/banquet scenes and ideas for the different types of food that would be on the table and came up with this scene in the movie 'Hook' which features multicoloured foods flying around;

With that in mind, my first random attempt at animating a bowl falling over behind Matt's animation..


I have also decided that I can't really draw any bowls and things falling over from this angle because you can't see Don bump into them at this angle... So instead will just try drawing them rushing past him like so;

That was my first sketch attempt.. but I did not use 'tweening', I was adjusting every frame to look right which was taking far too long.

So I used this video and notes I took from Matt about tweening to try it out in ToonBoom.

Working in ToonBoom using tweening;

And here is the result of a few hours work trying to get my head round this program;

and with Matt's animation on top;

Although it obviously needs a bit of editing so that my food doesn't go through Don's hand.. but want to hear from Matt before I do anything else.

Must remember not to use multiple layer to colour, have to use the 'fill' tool to colour things on the same layer as the lines.

And got some feedback from Matt about the sword fighting thing.. Here are some reference pictures for drawing the ceiling;

which I will work on next.

And also he requested the chicken background without the chicken so voila;

More work to do...

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