Monday, 2 May 2011

After Effects Tutorial

Today I am refreshing my memory of After Effects by doing pan and zoom tutorials and in the afternoon I am going to try my hand at ToonBoom.

My first very quick test at panning..

I am ashamed to say this took me almost an hour.. I really have forgotten so much about After Effects but by closely following the above tutorial was able to eventually come out with this.

And testing out how to blur;

Again it took me quite while..
I used this 'tutorial' for learning about the blur..
But if I keep practising should be able to do this much quicker in the future!

And how to blur a specific area;

Tutorial from here;
This tutorial was very difficult to follow and did a lot of it by experimenting!! I don't really like using After Effects but I think it's because it's all quite complicated to me at the moment! If I spend more time learning the controls I should get better.

It's a slow process!

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