Monday, 9 May 2011

more work!

Have been working on the princess tower recently, using these pictures as reference;

Heavily inspired by the film 'Tangled' of course.

Went through a couple of different attempts...

But first of all I made the roof look a bit too thatched and the colours didn't go so well... but here is the final one! And all of these pictures are printscreens of the princess tower... it's real size is too big to upload;

The hardest part of this was the bricks. I didn't want them to be too detailed, just like splashes of colour but still neat since the camera will be zooming in very close to them. Also the file size is so big that it lags most of the time I'm trying to edit things. The colour of the roof

Changes to the stairs (should be complete now);

The edits on these were very small since last time, it was mainly adjusting the banisters to warp the perspective and the shading to make them reflect how far down in the stairway Don has reached.

And the changes to the end of the banquet scene;

Have added bricks onto the wall there in Photoshop since they don't look so plain and it seems like its a success :D

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