Sunday, 22 May 2011

Short animating tests

Today I decided to do some very quick animation tests for things that might be on the banquet table that get pushed aside by Don.. since I will be doing some secondary animation thought I might as well get the swing of ToonBoom first.
I have not animated for awhile, save the leaf test, so I'm kinda rusty.. today is like a warm-up and tomorrow or the day after I'll tackle better things!!! Each of these animations took between 5-15 minutes..

Reference for things on the dinner table;

and a reference for pots, pans and things falling..

(last 20 seconds!)

And also decided to also make my own reference;

Animated it quickly for 5 mins or so in toonboom for practice;

(and with background)

cleaned up..

Testing it out if it were a jug..

Another reference for a knife and fork;

And my attempt in ToonBoom;

weird don animation from the top of my head.. just him drawing his sword.

That's all for now.. ToonBoom is very useful and is quite similar to flash but I had a lot of trouble copying and pasting things so I decided to draw every frame instead. I had this problem when I animated the leaves as well.. I don't mind too much since I prefer this method as it gives it a more lively feel..
since spoken to emma and have worked out how to copy and paste frames! I think Matt and Yuki already gave me this advice but I forgot >< you need to copy the image rather than the keyframe and paste it the same way otherwise they will affect each other and we want to keep them separate..

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