Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Using Maya with SAI

Have progressed more with the concept art since last time..

Here is the blockout in Maya;

which I printscreened and pasted into Phothsop to draw over and create the basic lines and colours for the princess tower;

Then took that into SAI and tried to give it the same feel as this picture;

and here is the result!;

Maya is extreeeeemely helpful for work on perspective and has really aided me for this part of the project so I'm going to continue using it :)
Am also getting the hang of SAI. To get the strange canvas-y effect I have been using the 'Paper' brush and while it takes awhile to get the shapes right it is quite effective by the end.

Next is the entrance hall..

Using Maya to help with perspective

As already written, when I spoke to Dan a couple of weeks ago about my background progress, he suggested that I use Maya to block out the scene first, play around with the layout and then build concept on top of it, which is what I have been doing since for the next concept-the princess' room!

My version of it is heavily inspired by Maid Marian from the Disney film 'Robin Hood';

as well as some of the designs on the interior moodboard Matt linked to me which I will post here again for convenience;

At first I was really struggling to get to grips with Maya and I started the concept art using two point perspective lines, my best attempt being;

which didn't look quite right at all..

But during Monday's lesson first of all Keith and Clym helped me out and got me working on Maya again.

This is my abysmal attempt before they stepped in..

And here are the ones after. Keith refreshed my memory about Maya; polygons and booelans etc. and while I have to say I still can't remember a lot of it, it really helped. And Clym helped me create this;

which I then added to later on to make this;

I will go over this attempt using SAI, the program I am now learning and will update soon..

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Trying out Different Styles in SAI

Tried to re-create my last concept piece using simpler shapes and tones;

Have also gone back to using SAI to see if I can get a new spin things;

And a quick attempt to be similar to Mary Blair's work.. but I don't think it looks as good as the above two attempts..

I think I will need to get Yuki to help me learn SAI... everytime I look at her blog she's done some amazing new picture with it and I have to say I'm quite jealous hahahah XD it pushes me to work though, I love the 'Smitten' team!! Team Smitten = awesome.

She did send me this awesome video of someone drawing in SAI with no layers :O

must.. practice more!