Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More WiPs

Had a meeting with the team today and there is still looooots of work to do for the background. I really dont think I will be able to complete them all in time for the next time I see Dan but i am damn well gonna try anyway..

Here's some of the progress..

For this one have gone into the sketch and coloured most of it. It is looking a little plain though so it's not finished yet.. Maybe some brick textures on the wall, suggests Matt.

What I've done so far for the top of the princess staircase! Just to check with the team if they like the colours, which they do, so will keep working on it..

And Matt's edit of the bottom of the princess stairs! I finished colouring it and he drew over it to estimate which parts would be covered by the guardians and thereby how much negative space we have and what needs to be filled in. I think this has the same problem as the princess' room in which the walls are a little plain so will see to that soon..

I've actually started a few more backgrounds but the files are too big to upload apparantly!! D': since they are huge pan shots..

Need to start balancing my time a bit better, have 3 things to think about at the same time; this project, E&E and creating an A3 portfolio in time for when I leave~

Also had a small ToonBoom tutorial from Matt today so am gonna try out some animating this week as well! Wish me luck, it's gonna be hard..

Thursday, 21 April 2011

More shot adjustments

End shot when he kicks the princess out the tower?; Need confirmation of layout..

This is me being a little lazy since it's just a crop for now but that's because I want to confirm the layout before I go back into it! Also lets me spend more time on other backgrounds.

Shot eleven with a variety of different fades..

A guardian and Don will be fighting in the foreground of this shot so we were trying to decide what would give them the best focus and be the least distracting whilst retaining the colour scheme.

Two more layouts that need to be OK'd;

The beginning of the princess tower stairs and the top! Both taken from going over the storyboard..

Wednesdays work

Finished staircase backgrounds;

Changed the perspective of the bricks from last time, as well as the colours to be a bit lighter (we're trying not to put any black in the film since we want it to be colourful and bright). I also did go into the cutout filter on photoshop to simplify the shapes a little.

With and without adjustment to the banister (on the right);

Matt wasnt sure how he wanted this to look yet so I gave him two options, it seems like he prefers the one on the right though so will stick with that!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

first day back

First the last of what I achieved over easter;

did some work on the staircase background which, after speaking to matt today, needs a few changes before completion. I need to make the stones closer to the camera bigger to keep them in perspective and lose some of the darkness between them as it is too distracting. I'm also going to try and do something about the dark space on the right, either extend the banister or turn that to stone. Apart from that we think its okay and i just need to do the same for the other two backgrounds.
I also did some more to the sword sliding across the floor, that's almost ready as well, just needs to be filled out a little more.

Matt's improvements to the other staircases;

I want to aim to finish all the static backgrounds by the end of the week as I need to begin thinking about the backgrounds that need to be rotoscoped and also doing some animation tests to fill that folder. My artistic folder should be fine just need to be concerned with the other two!
Dan also suggested learning after effects and making some backgrounds less in focus to give a less static feel to the animation. I might be required to do some secondary animation or otherwise I'll just do animation tests that matt could maybe use as a stepping stone into working out other things. I should also get to grips with toon boom in that case but Matt said he'll give me a crash course in next weeks lesson.
For now, the plan for this week - finish as many backgrounds as possible!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

april stuffs

More work on the stairs following matts advice;

Matt got back to me from my last journal stating he wanted it less green and more blue so this is what I came back with.. He also told me in our last meeting to change the staircases from being wooden to being made of stone, also adding a pattern onto them. I think that's what I've done here' If Matt likes it I will use the 'cutout' filter on the picture to simplify it and then work into it once more.

5 more angles for the sword sliding scene...;

Again I like to give him a lot of different examples from the blockout, will tell you which one he picked by next entry!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

more easter progress..

The Maya blockouts of the sword spin scene.. just trying them out!

I think Matt will know the best way to sort this since it's his film but I like to give him a few different options to choose from.
And starting to think about the sword deflection scene...;

Did some test colour shots of two of the staircase scenes... Matt says he wanted an 'aquarium feel' almost.. and he gave me these two pics from the moodboard as reference but need to send him this to check.


colour tests;

Literally used the eye dropper tool to import some of the colours from the reference into my work but am not sure how great it looks in conjunction to the rest of the film, seems a bit dank maybe?


My plans over Easter break are;

-finish that entrance shot
-the first staircase shot of him sliding down and then around and finally the jump shot
-shot 13 and 14 (sword deflection and sword slide across floor)
-and maybe the first princess tower scene with yuki..

Here are the sketches I have done this week for those 5 shots, some of them are still Maya blockouts that I need Matt to approve.

First staircase shot;

not sure which way stairs should go or whether this is correct, was just a shot in the dark but we'll see what Matt says soon.

staircase 2;

staircase 3;

Matt has already seen and confirmed these ones are okay so will get started on the colouring now~

I managed to complete the other entrance shot though;

SOOOOO one background down and another 4/5 to go! D: