Tuesday, 19 April 2011

first day back

First the last of what I achieved over easter;

did some work on the staircase background which, after speaking to matt today, needs a few changes before completion. I need to make the stones closer to the camera bigger to keep them in perspective and lose some of the darkness between them as it is too distracting. I'm also going to try and do something about the dark space on the right, either extend the banister or turn that to stone. Apart from that we think its okay and i just need to do the same for the other two backgrounds.
I also did some more to the sword sliding across the floor, that's almost ready as well, just needs to be filled out a little more.

Matt's improvements to the other staircases;

I want to aim to finish all the static backgrounds by the end of the week as I need to begin thinking about the backgrounds that need to be rotoscoped and also doing some animation tests to fill that folder. My artistic folder should be fine just need to be concerned with the other two!
Dan also suggested learning after effects and making some backgrounds less in focus to give a less static feel to the animation. I might be required to do some secondary animation or otherwise I'll just do animation tests that matt could maybe use as a stepping stone into working out other things. I should also get to grips with toon boom in that case but Matt said he'll give me a crash course in next weeks lesson.
For now, the plan for this week - finish as many backgrounds as possible!

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