Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More WiPs

Had a meeting with the team today and there is still looooots of work to do for the background. I really dont think I will be able to complete them all in time for the next time I see Dan but i am damn well gonna try anyway..

Here's some of the progress..

For this one have gone into the sketch and coloured most of it. It is looking a little plain though so it's not finished yet.. Maybe some brick textures on the wall, suggests Matt.

What I've done so far for the top of the princess staircase! Just to check with the team if they like the colours, which they do, so will keep working on it..

And Matt's edit of the bottom of the princess stairs! I finished colouring it and he drew over it to estimate which parts would be covered by the guardians and thereby how much negative space we have and what needs to be filled in. I think this has the same problem as the princess' room in which the walls are a little plain so will see to that soon..

I've actually started a few more backgrounds but the files are too big to upload apparantly!! D': since they are huge pan shots..

Need to start balancing my time a bit better, have 3 things to think about at the same time; this project, E&E and creating an A3 portfolio in time for when I leave~

Also had a small ToonBoom tutorial from Matt today so am gonna try out some animating this week as well! Wish me luck, it's gonna be hard..

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