Wednesday, 6 April 2011


My plans over Easter break are;

-finish that entrance shot
-the first staircase shot of him sliding down and then around and finally the jump shot
-shot 13 and 14 (sword deflection and sword slide across floor)
-and maybe the first princess tower scene with yuki..

Here are the sketches I have done this week for those 5 shots, some of them are still Maya blockouts that I need Matt to approve.

First staircase shot;

not sure which way stairs should go or whether this is correct, was just a shot in the dark but we'll see what Matt says soon.

staircase 2;

staircase 3;

Matt has already seen and confirmed these ones are okay so will get started on the colouring now~

I managed to complete the other entrance shot though;

SOOOOO one background down and another 4/5 to go! D:

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