Monday, 28 March 2011

Post-formative Update

We are now on Easter break~~ formative went as well as could be expected, but I feel so much pressure to finish all the backgrounds asap! ;w; Still gotta do about half of the still backgrounds and havent even started the rotoscoping ones.. time to work hard!

Quick updates....

Newly finished backgrounds;

ENTRANCE HALL COMPLETE (for now) Matt has given it the OK. It was almost there anyway but now the pillars are looking fiiiine ;)

If you compare this to my first attempt at the entrance hall;

It really has come a long way. I think being in this group is even more beneficial then I first thought; I have team mates who inspire me to keep going and can see the flaws in my work and help me get past them. When I first drew this background I thought it looked pretty good, but reflecting back on it now there are so many parts that needed improvement! I can't believe I couldn't see them. I feel like I've gotten better and that I can draw anything if I keep trying! ^^

And the staircase...
Here are my first two colour attempts;

which I then sent to Matt who sent back this;

which is the picture on the right but with its contrast changed and which has been edited with the dodge and burn tools..
so I cleaned it up a little from where Matt used the dodge and burn tools to get this;

BEAUTIFUULLLL, i reaally like the colours on this one ^^
So there's two more backgrounds finished..

Next background to work on;

The other side of the entrance hall.. let's hope it doesn't take as long as the first! The second pic is where it might be cropped in the finished piece... but best to draw it too big then too small!

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