Saturday, 12 March 2011

fight scenes where people lose their weapons

trying to find some reference for smitten and am gonna post it here to remind myself... we're looking for a scene where someone loses something, a weapon if possible, and the camera shows it flying away.. have looked through about 30 films so far and these are the best ive found;

0.48 -1.11 - although the sword doesnt skid here :(

3.10 -3.24 - from the wrong angle and doesnt seem so dramatic when he loses his weapon..

8.28 -8.35 - it doesn't skid across the ground but it is still dramatically lost haha..

4.05 -4.10 - wrong angle...?

3.47 -3.50 - almost perfect!! D: but only almost..?

you would not believe how many light saber battles, pirate movies and disney films ive sat through today trying to find clips!! will continue to add to this post if i find anymore..

I'm not sure who will be animating this scene but I'd like to help save them time by finding a good reference if I can.

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