Saturday, 12 March 2011

This week in updates..

Spoke to Matt on Monday about how to improve the backgrounds so far and heres what we discussed.

For the infamous entrance hall scene!
We are starting to think it looks very good as a cutout;

Hence when we finish we might try and cutout effect on all the bgs.. but not sure yet. Anyway here is Matt's correction pic;

And here's my attempt to re-do the pillars and then see how it all looks in cutout;

I think the pillars need more work... But it's slowly getting there. Will update this again soon.

The banquet scene background needs to be moved up a little, with more focus on the table and perhaps a change of colour for the floor and for the length of the tablecloth to be increased. Here is Matt's correction pic;

And here are the 3 alternate attempts I've tried since;

It's mainly changes to the floor and the tablecloth length. Again, I'm going to wait for Matt's feedback before progressing here.

Also edited the princess tower with Maya's help so there is more focus on the bed;

And finally a quick cutout experiment using the stairwell reference;

We wanted to see what this would look like using the 'cutout' filter on photoshop, since it has worked quite nicely for us so far, but because this is a bit of a complicated image with a lot of shades it just looks messy... So.. simplistic is the way to go once again, I'll keep working on my own one..

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