Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am now starting to get back up to date with things..
I have completed the children's book, IPP and the first draft of the dissertation meaning I am able to devote all of my time to Smitten again!

Since the last entry I have completed another draft of the entrance hall.. I've made it bigger, added lighting and hopefully it looks less cluttered now.. I think there are still a few things that need improvement but for now this will do.

I have also started working on new backgrounds using the blockout in Maya.

A shot of the princess tower at the end;

A staircase;

And an initial shot of the banquet table;

Again Maya has saved the day!! That angle would have been insane otherwise.. saves so much time!

Just need to wait till I get more feedback from Matt and keep experimenting with the backgrounds until I get it right!! I'm feeling excited about drawing again now that all the other things are taken care of.. Except the schedule which I hope will be ready soon..

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