Thursday, 19 May 2011

The final stretch

There is only one month left till hand-in so I'm going to use this post as my To Do List and update what's happening with the my part of the project. We had a lesson with Dan today on what we need for hand-in. Obviously we are splitting things into three folders - artist, technical and animation.

Artist will be my main folder and I can fill that with backgrounds and initial concept art.

For technical, since we're a 2D group it is slightly different, but I will be filling that folder by showing how I learnt new programs - after effects and toonboom!

And for animation I will do some more animation tests.. I would like to do at least one shot of Don, even if its not good enough for the final film Matt may be able to use it to help with future parts of the animation. And of course I can animate things falling off the table.. or maybe leaves blowing on the trees at the beginning or something.

- The tower itself is fine, just need to change the inside parts! Create a separate layer since they will be moving at a slightly different rate to the outside of the tower when panning.
- Push the perspective more on the bricks at the back, change the design of the backs of the chairs to match the bed in the princess tower. It looks a bit too out of perspective at the moment.
- For the part inside the tower use the other end of the princess room, and change the perspective on the floor since it looks a little wrong. Might be worth blurring the room slightly to stop the audience focusing on it.
- The colour looks good now, just change a bit of the pattern, maybe add a hint of a mattress to the bed.
-Last edit needed to the entrance hall before compositing; make the back part of the hall a little darker and change the banister a little like shown.

TO DO LIST for next thursday;
-finish all edits to backgrounds (thereby finishing all backgrounds!! except the ones that need to be rotoscoped, just waiting on Matt for that for now).
-Animate at least two more scenes, one with Don and one involving a background prop i.e. a bowl falling off the table as Don slides down it
-continue learning toonboom and after effects by working on the animations and also the particle tests (which should be less subtle in the entrance hall).

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