Monday, 9 May 2011

Dust Particle Practice

Trying to learn how to make the dust particle effect on after effects..

Here is my first try using this tutorial video (

Its a little faint and messy and I think it needs a bit more 'fine tuning' but it's not bad.. Not sure if it's the look Matt's going for but I'll mess with it a bit and upload another one later... If you can't see it, I don't blame you! The dust and streams of sunlight are coming in through the window and onto a part of the stairs.

I'm also going to try this again on the entrance hall since that's the best place for this effect to be used. Here's a screenshot of me working on it in After Effects..

I'm using the 'mesh' tool to change the direction of the particles so they look like they're falling a little more randomly and naturally..

Also another background.. Can't finish it until we've decided on the interior of the princess tower though;

This is one I started a few posts ago but have only just got finished. I added a lot of shading and some red hues for the bricks to give it the warm feel our film has throughout. Matt seems happy with it at least :)

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