Saturday, 14 May 2011


More background progress..

The changes to the princess tower! Me and Matt decided on the colour scheme for this, and using different layer options and opacities in Photoshop managed to make the bricks blend into the walls a little better. We also changed the colour of the duvet, added a headboard which was more ornate and matched it with the table and the poles around the bed. Definately looks more regal now at least;

Tried adding the finished princess tower into this scene.. Mainly a colour experiment.. it works I think;

A longer version of the outside of the tower for the end scene when Don is climbing up!

And some more banquet hall work.. This is the pan across the table!
Using this old concept of mine as reference;

But bear in mind since I drew this we changed the colour of the table to white.. and the pillars to green :)
Initial sketch;

Initial attempt at colour;

Which looks okay, but still plain!

And with the addition of bricks along the wall!;

Will get Matt's feedback but I think it's improving some..

Additions to the entrance hall.
Proper staircase at the back. Dan pointed it out that before the back of the hall seemed too cold but since we have now completed the inner staircases we can change that quite easily;

Although he also advised that this scene seemed different from the rest of our film because the colours weren't as warm, so I went back into Photoshop just now to try and warm it up by sing adjustments;

but I don't think this is the right way to go about it! Just spoke to Matt who thinks we should change it later when compositing in After Effects so will concentrate on the other backgrounds and doing some more animations for now!

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