Friday, 3 June 2011

Two weeks to go

Had a meeting with the group and Dan yesterday and since there are only a couple of weeks left things are getting hectic.

I have 7 backgrounds remaining (but cant do 2 til next week after Emma’s animated the swords and Matt’s figured out the dancing one)
1 background to improve
1 scene of secondary animation to do
1 after effects effect to learn
And need to download ‘camtasia’ so I can fill out my technical folder by showing the new programs I’ve learned.

As well as juggling E&E which comes to an end next Friday.

Here is my plan for the week
Friday (today);
Finish 2 backgrounds, set up everything for E&E and improve 1 background

Remaining 3 backgrounds and after effects

Day off

Secondary animation all day

E&E selling day in the afternoon, in the evening write final report and power point for the unit.

Anything remaining. Download and use camtasia.

Backgrounds are my biggest priority right now so I will do them first and then anything else as I can. It’s gonna be a very busy and stressful week.

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