Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fri-Saturday work

Here are the backgrounds I've done according to the schedule the past couple days;

A shot during the banquet hall scene where Don first lands on the table;

Kick out the window scene;

at Matt's instructions have added a sort of 'border' around the window so it stands out more and looks a little nicer..

When Don first enters the princess' room;

This is the shot which won't really be seen as Don slides down the table and it close-ups on his face;

Made the banquet pan a little bit taller so we can see Don's head in Matt's animation;

I've noticed the more I draw backgrounds the easier they are becoming, particularly once the colour scheme has been worked out. I am enjoying these quite a bit :D They don't take as long either so it's a good thing we left them to last and tackled the trickier ones first.
I think that's all the backgrounds for now until I get further instructions from Matt and once more animation has been done for them.

Will do the after effects stuff later tonight~!

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