Wednesday, 8 June 2011

stumped with the animation :O

Forgot to mention in my last post but I have been following the to do list I set myself last thursday and so far have done everything according to schedule on the list :D

On Monday I spent the entire day doing secondary animation for the table but ran into a huge problem! I can't get the camera to pan across the image and so I can only see a small amount of the animation I have done.
Because of this I couldn't work out the animation timing or if what I had done looked alright. Here it is from its fixed camerapoint;

Was going to ask Matt about it but since I have a lot of other things to do this week, most importantly finishing stuff for E&E due friday, I thought I would leave it for now since the animation is essentially done, it just needs tweaking and it's quicker to ask him myself when I see him on Thurs.

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