Thursday, 9 June 2011

fixed animation yay :D

Had a meeting again with Matt and the gang today and we managed to solve the animation problem!

Before whenever I tried to export the panning animation in the banquet table slide scene it would come out like this and show only something from a fixed camera point;

So we went into toonboom to examine the problem and found it was caused by this grey box on the screen which we couldnt get to move (a fixed camera);

then with matt and iredia's help we worked out we needed to change the selected camera to one that matt created which pans (in the below image look at the top right of the screen to see how to change the camera);

and voila! we have a new red camera that pans!

So without further ado here is the new animation test;

yeeeaahhhhh!! but need to get crit from matt on it now...

and more improvements i did this evening for matt;

(added a blur onto the shot so that when don moves its not drawing focus away);

(changed the colour of the wall to match the rest of the scene and blurred the edges of the window;)

(extended the shot downwards so you see more of the floor and got rid of the ceiling area which we won't see anyway in the shot;)

(havent changed this one but need matts feedback still, i forgot to show him it today)

(extended upwards)

So! 8 days left..
I've actually finished all the backgrounds, animations and after effects things I need to do for now.. So am finishing off E&E this weekend and will work on my portfolio as well unless Matt has more jobs for me :D don't think i need to make a To Do List right now.

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