Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Went into Uni today to give Matt all my work for compositing and whilst there did an edit for the aerial jump;

since it needed to be from a slight perspective!

So that's it! I know of one other background that we might need but it won't be needed before friday since Matt hasn't completed the animation for it yet. I have sufficient other backgrounds to fill my folders though so it shouldn't matter too much.

Am coming to the very end of this year now and thought I'd do some reflecting, it's been one full of new experiences. I made a lot of new friends through this project, people I hadn't even spoken to before in the 3/4 years of being on the same course! Matt, Iredia and Marios are three such people and it was a privelige to meet and work with them this year, we spurred each other on and I got inspired looking at all their work. And Team Smitten as a whole was a great group to be in, as I've said before. I had worked with both Emma and Yuki on a couple of projects but hadn't worked with Matt before but am glad I have now, I think he is definately one of the best 2D animators in the class and his work really pulls everything else together and makes it eye-catching. Plus he's a great guy and didn't stress us all out with deadlines and arguments, we all got on with things and didn't need to be bossed around which was good.

If I had to change anything it would be to do more animation tests! Not even to have in the finished film but just for practice since I didn't do a lot of that this year. However, as I don't want to go down the animation path in the future and thanks to all the work I did with backgrounds this year my illustration portfolio is getting stronger, and that's one of the main things I needed. I also feel more confident about drawing backgrounds. I remember at the beginning of the second term it would take me around 20-30 hours per background and now it's definately a lot less, maybe 10-15 for the more difficult ones and around 1-3 hours for the smaller ones.

Sending Matt my work to critique was the biggest help though, so many of my backgrounds were improved ten-fold from this!! And having Yuki work on backgrounds at the same time really got me motivated as we had a sort of friendly rivalry going on this year :D

I've also gotten experience with the programs ToonBoom, SAI and After Effects, not to mention learning new things in Photoshop like how to 'warp transform' pictures and use different brushes that I downloaded from files Emma sent me.

From here on we will still continue to work on 'Smitten' and hopefully polish it off enough so its ready to send off to festivals. It's a great film, I know it can go far if we can get it seen! So there may be future updates to this blog but purely for my own benefit of keeping track of what I've done.
I also will keep working on my illustration portfolio since I got some good feedback from both Dan and Lorna on it and have a bit more direction in where I want to go with my art style now. I feel really thankful for how this year has turned out and I don't think it could have gotten much better (except for having E&E not in the last term since it made things way too stressful in the last few weeks).

Thank you for following my blog and wish me luck in the future!!

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