Thursday, 25 November 2010

09/11/2010 - Research for Tex

Tex's project drew me in instantly because it was so different from anyone elses and also from anything I had seen before. He was very passionate about his piece, which few others were during their presentations. My role in his project is a character animator and to help with the concept work..

First off that means character designs from the creatures in his animation; the egg, the sword, the cat, the girl and the vampire. Since the egg and sword are pretty straightforward I'm going to concetrate on the last three in particular. Here are some of Tex's initial designs for them;

The cat;

The girl;

The vampire;

They are all quite quirky and far from the style I am used to so I feel this project will help me break out of my comfort zone and advance my art.

He has given me a brief background on the cat, since that was the one I was trying to design in class yesterday.
He walks on two legs (bipedal), has hidden wisdom which should be shown in his eyes and his body shape is similar to that of the girl and vampire.

Here is a little bit of research I have done for looking at cats...

'Astromiau' is a great flash animation by Vinnie Veritas about a bipedal cat in space. If we are going to animate this in flash it is a useful starting point.. I also really like his character design.

Other famous bipedal cats!

And a strange lolcat;

I drew a few examples of cats on Monday in the lesson and here they are...

Nothing really special, just fooling around with designs.. Hope to come up with something better soon :(

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