Thursday, 25 November 2010

19/11/2010 - Background Concept Work

As part of my goal of learning SAI I tried doing some concept work using it this week. Here is the finished result, a possible shot of the banquet hall;

There are a few things wrong with it, particular the lack of textures, the walls are positively boring but it's a start... If I get time i'll change it a tad.

Now then, compare it with a background concept I made in Photoshop for fun over the summer;

My thoughts so far? SAI is amazing for colouring, it really speeds up the process especially with tones, but I am not completely used to it yet as a lot of its functions are different to Photoshop. I am sure over time I will get better at this program and have knowledge of it equal to my knowledge of Photoshop.
The main things I miss are the 'dodge' and 'burn' tools which I use a lot in Photoshop for deep shading, as well as the ability to easily change things about the layers (add gradients, patterns, inside/outside lighting). The 'Water' tool in SAI is great for blurring though so it makes up for it in some ways.

More about working on the painting...


Pictures I was inspired by for this painting;

I think I liked the warmth of these pictures and the lighting so I tried to re-enact it in my own piece. I think I've made mine a little too simple with not enough background things going on though...

Also had some help from Matt who sent me useful tutorials on composition and perspective;

And here is the step-by-step progress I took completing my painting. Overall it took me between 15-20 hours (I lost count...);

After talking with Dan about maybe having to animate backgrounds, I was trying to think of shortcuts to get round this, so bending the background in this way would work really great in a pan shot of Don sliding across the table.

The smaller paintings hanging on the wall are all based on real paintings that i traced and simplified for decor, here are the originals;

Although I wouldn't want to use these in the real thing.. It was just a method so that the walls in the background didn't look too blank.


Now to do more work on the colour palette!!

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