Thursday, 25 November 2010

25/11/2010 - Thursdays Lesson

Today Dan took a look at our work from the past week and set us some new goals.

-Continue working in SAI but build the backgrounds using blocks in Maya first to get a grasp on layout design.
-Continue to push the perspective in pictures...
-In all future concept art consider how the characters will interact with the background (i.e. in my banquet hall picture below there is not enough room for Don to slide down the table as he would hit his head on the chandelier)
-Should also look into the Prince of Egypt layout book for ideas and talk to Frasier, a visiting lecturer who arrives next week.
-As a group try to have one test shot done by Christmas, ideally the most complex one to get it out the way and boost our confidence.
-Consider using 3D for the backgrounds in the final and whether it will make things easier for us.

In other news, started a new exterior concept piece yesterday..

But, as Dan pointed out, I must think about where the light is coming from and
Once this one is complete I am going to make a start on the Princess Tower, using Maya as a layout builder first!

The next concept piece I want to attempt is the Princess Tower. Here are some images from Matt's blog that will help me design the look;

Also finished the colour palette;

At least.... as close to the finished colour palette that we can get for the moment. Matt and I have agreed the concept art will be a lot more important to determining the design than these small thumbnails, but it is a start.

Also Warwick Castle research reference for Matt! (scanned from my Warwick Castle tour guide book);

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