Thursday, 25 November 2010

11/11/2010 - Today's Lesson and Updated Colour Palette

I have two tasks for next week..
For Monday I need to complete the colour palette (for Mike) and for Thursday I need to have started experimenting with the background interiors, hopefully using one of the two new programs I am trying to master (for Dan).

The two new programs are SAI and ToonBoom. Thanks to Yuki Chung, my team mate, I managed to find out about SAI, a drawing program that is apparantly better than Photoshop (because of its wide range of brushes and pressure sensitivity) so expect to see tests with that soon.. Also need to get a copy of ToonBoom when my MAC is fixed in a couple of weeks which Matt said he can help me get.

Anyway.. We also identified problems with our project today to try and help solve them.
The main one is synching the background with the animation. I feel a bit foolish but I actually did not think that the background needed to be animated, but of course for shots that aren't pans the background will need some adjustment (mainly thinking of the banquet scene here..)

I'm also working on re-doing the colour palette.. I was pretty unhappy with my first attempt so here's my second one, taking into account Matt's interior moodboard and suggestions from the group..

Matt's moodboard;

Page One Colour Palette 2nd Attempt;

Still not entirely there but I'm a lot happier with it than before.. I think I may have made some of it too bright and some too dull but I'll keep on experimenting.
The fight sequence panels look a little grey but if you look closer they are a mixture of blue, yellow and purple, a bit like the interior in some of the moodboards and a contrast to the yellow colour I had it originally. I think it works better this way but I need feedback from my group.

Thought I might also post the templates for the other storyboards here in case I get a repeat incident of last night and accidentally delete them;

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