Thursday, 25 November 2010

12/11/2010 - Colour Palette and SAI

Did some new variations of different backgrounds for the fighting scenes in page on of the colour palette.

This is probably the version I am happiest with though;

Will not mess around with the first page again until at least Monday now, it's as good as I think I can get it alone.
And the second page redone using variants of these colours;

Not sure about the stairs..

Also started doing some experiments with the new program I'm trying to master 'SAI'.

There is no doubt it is a very good program especially for shading and blending, it is much easier and better than Photoshop, but when I use it I feel like a complete newbie and things just weren't coming out very well today..
I tried a couple of pictures, overall spent about an hour or so messing around but they aren't anything special;

The squirtle one was a warmup!! It has nothing to do with this project but it helped me get into SAI XD

Got to keep working.. I will try and have some more background tests and the finished colour palette up within the next few days.

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