Tuesday, 30 November 2010

29/11/2010 - Monday's Lesson

Not a lot happened in today's lesson, but I got new ideas about how to go forwards with the concept work.

Mike came round and took a look at how we are doing and introduced me to a few new artists that might help with working out the style for Smitten.




All of them are amazing concept artists and I'm going to take a leaf from their books with help in designing the concept for this film.. What has particularly captured me in all of them is the lineless style with odd shapes and angles.. it's not photo-realistic proportions.. I want to mimic this. They also have simple yet effective colour schemes which would be nice to try and work towards in my backgrounds too.

and other images Matt has suggested that might help;

Also spoke with Matt about the look of the film. He doesn't want the style too abstract or overcomplicated, the same as my last concept piece but with slightly simpler tones is the next look we are going to attempt.

Thanks to Yuki I now have SAI on my laptop, so I'm going to give it a try working between both programs for the next few pictures and playing with perspective where I can.

So now I'm off to experiment with drawing trees :) Mood pieces ftw!

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