Thursday, 25 November 2010

22/11/2010 - Monday's Lesson

We had a special guest joining us in our lesson on Monday, Dave Bull, an artist who has previously worked for Aardman and other famous animation companies. He came round to each group and gave advice on story, colour etc.

He suggested a slight change of ending for our project as the animation does not make clear the princess' condition of having Agoraphobia, so instead we might knock out a few of the Knight's teeth and make them black so that she is disgusted by his smile and kicks him out of the window (making her problem that she's too picky rather than afraid). Either that or she really likes to sleep and resents anyone trying to take her away from her bed!

In the afternoon he gave us an interesting lecture about the 10 different types of stories, using WALL-E as a prime example. Aparantly, every story has the basic formula of one of the above, what keeps ideas interesting is how you order the events or mix the story types together. This is something we can keep in mind for the ending..

Also improved my picture from last week with advice from Mike on 2-point perspective. Original image with perspective reference;

Improved image;

Perspective is haaarddddd =__=

Matt also told me he wanted the table to be white with the shading being a reddish hue like one of the examples in the interior moodboard, so I quickly did a version with a white table for him as well;

I think I need to make the walls look less blank by adding candle holders and maybe some wallpaper patterns.

Mike also spoke to us and said we should think about the time period our piece will be set in and then research things for the decor accordingly. He gave us a few starting points to look at;
-The Austro-Hunagarian Empire (and the Museum of the Decorative Arts)
-Museum of the Applied Arts
-The Victoria and Alvert Museum - looking at Ceramics
-Maybe think about using the banisters on the stairs to lead the eye of where the action is heading
-Art decor

We are determined to finish the colour palette by the end of this week and I will also go through that tomorrow with Matt and get it done once and for all, we hope!
I have also started another concept art piece of some areas in the forest for practice..

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