Thursday, 6 January 2011

Re-doing the Entrance Hall

So I sent the images me and Yuki had worked on to Matt yesterday and today he replied with some helpful suggestions. Here are the images he sent back, with the crops/changes he wanted;

Main hall pics:

Everything looks badass so keep it looking like that. Some nitpicking though; i noticed the the chain of the drawbridge on the outside, that would actually be the inside of the watchtower - a very short sort of tunnel before you reach the main hall. Check out the environment floor plan to see what i'm talking about.

Don't rush into the colouring until we get back cos I would like to okay the layouts before you go for it, just so you don't have to redo anything major if something needs changing like you said.

As for the angles, i've attached your pics with adjustments. I started drawing all over your image but then realised I could show you what i meant just by cropping so don't pay too much attention to the first one.

Basically make the entrances more off center and the camera lower in the main entrance one, so Don doesn't look so vulnerable with the camera hanging over him. I added a thumbnail in each pic to show you the composition i'm thinking about. The rule of thirds is what i had in mind, try and keep all the Hans Bacher layout stuff at hand.

Also you might have to bring the windows down and push the pillars inward so it all fits in the frame but if it doesn't look right in perspective then leave them out.

First shot;

Second shot;

Maya banquet

The models look great, i wasn't expecting that much detail. All i'd say is make the table quite a bit longer so you can make the zoom faster in the same amount of time. And if you can, use the graph editor to ease the camera into a sudden stop at the very end.


Hope he doesn't mind me quoting him there =p

My first attempts to see if they are accurate, once i get another reply from Matt I'll finish up the sketching for them.

And the improved table zoom..

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