Monday, 10 January 2011

Entrance Hall more sketches

Final things that have changed for the entrance hall sketches!
I got some more feedback from Matt via email about what to do to improve them;


Entrance 2 (guardian entrance)

Ye I didn't see much wrong with angle of this pic from the beginning so i think it's pretty much done. Although I'm having second thoughts about the crop I gave you, I think the doorway works quite well from a more near centre position for this shot cos the guardians will be bursting through, so it might be more dramatic keeping it how it was. But since it's just a crop you don't have to do anything to it just keep the original composition (with your ammendments to the pillar) and i'll decide later how to frame it. Sorted.

Entrance 1 (Don's entrance)

(pictures i sent him attached to my email)

I think the third one is the best. That said, it's hard to say exactly which one to choose until I see if i have any problems with perspective when i animate over it.

As you mentioned, I think the most productive way to work next term is for you and yuki to give me very basic backgrounds with the layout, you know just structure lines vanishing points and the horizon line, I'll begin animating and if it works i'll give you the okay to colour it, what'd ya reckon? It's kind of a learning process for all of us so we'll have to just try something and see if it sticks.


So heres the new sketch of the entrance.. But possibly not the last!

So over the next few weeks I will most likely be posting more sketches like this rather than proper finished ones although me and Yuki might attempt to collaborate on colour at least once so we know what the style will look like!

And just so I remember... the dimensions we need to work at are 1024 x 576 and the animation is at 25 fps.

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