Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Collaborating with Yuki

Haven't updated for awhile as I've been busy with an outside Uni project, but myself and Yuki got together yesterday (04/11/11) to start collaborating on the backgrounds!

We decided to try and attempt creating the entrance hall, so we met on Skype and spoke about what direction to go in, and watched clips from 'The Sword in the Stone' and 'Sleeping Beauty' to get a good idea of castle interiors and perspective;

Again I used Maya to help with the perspective..

and Yuki helped by putting on clips from 'Sword in the Stone' and 'Sleeping Beauty' for castle interior ideas as we worked.

This is what I have done so far, am just sending it to Yuki now to improve and then we can begin to add colour! We will use a mixture of Photoshop and SAI and try and draw it in the desired style of the film.

and the other end of the entrance;

Maya is super-helpful! I think I will definately rely on it in the future and for any other projects since it's really saving me time where I might have been struggling before.

As I've written in previous journals, a lot of the research and inspiration for the castle designs came from Matt's moodboards;

However, I have recently found the BBC series 'Merlin' to be of great significance in my inspiration for this project. The series was filmed at the Ch√Ęteau de Pierrefonds in France, an amazing castle with designs that really match the style we want. Here are just some of the images I'm going to keep in mind whilst drawing the next few sketches;

All of the above images were found using the 'bing' search engine!
Should be good for designing the entrance hall and some of the outer part too I think.

Next I'm going to do a quick animatic in Maya for Matt of the camera zooming down the banquet table so he can rotoscope over it and start animating :)
And start colouring these backgrounds with Yuki!

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